• Traditional Thai – is a massage with no oil.  You wear a loose fitting attire.  Lots of compression/decompression and stretching. 
  • Swedish – is a style of massage using lubricant (such as massage oil, cream or lotion).  The massage is done with minimal to no clothing and you are covered with a sheet.   Only the area being massaged is exposed.
  • Deep Tissue – is a style like Swedish but goes deeper with stronger deeper pressure.  Less to no medium/lubricant is applied.  Some stretching but not as much as Thai Massage.
  • Fusion Massage – is an integrated massage of different modalities to best fit client’s needs to help reduce pain and discomfort.
  • Thai Herbal – are steamed herbal bags applied during the massage to help relax the muscles.   Warm herbs help stimulate blood circulation and relaxes the whole body. (Not recommend for Pre-Natal)
  • Focus Massage – Massage concentrates on problem areas most of the time prescribed by physicians
  • Signature Massage – Combination of different massage modalities.
  • Chair Massage – Massage is done on massage chair with clothing. Focus areas are mainly on the upper body.
  • Foot Reflexology – Lower legs to the feet are the areas of focus.